Common Questions We Encounter


How do I register?
See our website “Sell” or “Volunteer” section for information and links to sign up for one or both of these opportunities.
Do returning sellers still have to register?
Yes, returning sellers need to register to guarantee they have a spot. Just use your existing login and password.
Do you have a return policy?
All sales are FINAL. Please check condition of items before purchasing. You may see a committee member and they will assist you with opening items if needed.
How should I price my items?
Shoppers are looking for bargains, not Macy’s style prices. Here are some pricing strategies:  

Excellent Condition:

  • No scuffs or signs of wear and in original packaging if applicable.
  • Price at ⅓ of what you originally paid.  
    • Example: Gymboree shirt with $12 retail tags. Price for $4.

Gently Used Condition:

  • Minor signs of wear, still clean and stylish. Missing original packaging.
  • Price at ¼ of what you originally paid.  
    • Example: Gymboree shirt with $12 retail tags. Price for $3.

Very Used Condition:

  • Donate these items either through Lil’ Lambs Closet or directly through a charity of your choice.  


How much will I make?
The average is around $600, but vary from under $100 to over $1000.  It depends on the items you are selling as well as the quality and pricing.
Is there a minimum and/or maximum # of items I can sell?
Yes, we require you to have at least 75 items but limit it to 175 total.  There is also a 10 item shoe limit.  
Why is there a 10 item shoe limit?
Shoppers don’t want to dig through a lot of sub-par shoes and we were having a lot of shoes left over.  To ensure we get only the best shoes from each seller, we set this limit.  
Why do you require wire hangers?
Wire hangers slide better on our racks and they take up less space than the plastic ones.  They also break less.  Most dry cleaners will you give you recycled hangers.  Just stop in ask.  
Can someone else pick up my items and check?
Yes, but only if you have filled out an Alternate Pick up Form when you dropped off.  The person picking up can’t bring in the form as we have no way of knowing who completed the form.  In this scenario, we will mail your check.  
How can I see what items have sold?
At the end of each day, we will do an upload.  The server is on Central time, so you may notice the time is listed as an hour earlier than closing time in some occasions.  Then just login above and navigate to your sold items summary.

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