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Tag Information

The link to enter your items is very user friendly. However, if you have questions, please Email us by clicking on the Email icon in the left menu.


In this new system, you can start and stop entering your items as much as you like. In order to get back to your inventory you will simply need to log onto the website with your consigner number and password. PLEASE NOTE: All tags need to be printed by 3:00pm Wednesday before the sale!

After you print and pin your tags, DO NOT click the "Transfer Inventory" button -- we will do that for you!

We also recommend using White cardstock paper for your tags. This cuts down on lost tags, and ultimately means more money for you!!! If the tag is lost your item won't be sold until we reunite the tag and the item!! (You can find this at Wal-mart or an office supply store in the copy paper section.)

Here is what your tag should look like:

Sample Tag
(Punch the two holes in the tag just below the top horizontal line, under "00 PIN HERE 00")

The large dot (whether red or black) denotes you want your item discounted on Saturday. The "D" next to the dot denotes that you want your item donated.


In order to aid in the sorting process of items at the end of sale and help ensure that all items not sold are returned to the correct consigner, Lil Lambs is implementing an additional requirement for tagging.

Consigners will need to circle, with a marker or high-lighter, their SELLER NUMBER on EACH item's tag with the corresponding color listed below:

  • Consigners with seller numbers 35-125 will circle their seller number in PINK
  • Consigners with seller numbers 126-500 will circle their seller number in GREEN
  • Consigners with seller numbers 501-900 will circle their seller number in ORANGE
  • Consigners with seller number 901 and above will circle their seller number in BLUE

  • PLEASE REMEMBER, this is based on your SELLER NUMBER, not each individual item number. Below is a sample tag with arrows pointing toward the seller number.
    Highlight Tag
    Centenary United Methodist Church