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Preparing Your Items

Sellers tag and price all of their own items. Instructions on how to tag items are given below. We appreciate your attention to details as you prepare your items to help our sale be uniform and run smoothly!

There are several items that we can no longer accept beginning in March of 2009, due to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement act of 2008. For information on this and how Lil' Lambs is complying with the CPSIA, please click on our Items Accepted at the Sale web page.

Clothing and Shoes

  1. Shirt Tag Illustration All clothing must be on WIRE hangers with the hanger open to the left--in such a way that it resembles a question mark. See illustration.
  2. Pin tags to the front, left shoulder of the garment with a safety pin. (see illustration) Please do not use straight pins or staples.
  3. Please punch TWO (2) holes under the Pin tag here line line on your tag and attach the tag with ONE (1) safety pin (pinned horizontally) to your clothing article. See illustration. Please DO NOT use tape or anything else to attach the tag to the clothing article: just use one safety pin!
  4. If selling more than one item together on two hangers, please tightly rubber band the two hangers together so they will not come apart.
  5. No more than two hangers can be used per item number (tag).
  6. Remember to button, zip, tie, etc ... each article of clothing that you submit.
  7. Items do not need to be in any special order before entering into the computer, but we do need them in size and gender order before bringing them to the sale. Boys' clothing should be listed first, starting with the smallest size working up, with items in consecutive order. Do the same for girls, then nursery items, toys, etc. Items should be placed together to make the check-in process go smoothly.
  8. Iron clothing items or use Downy Wrinkle Releaser to make them look their best. The better your items look, the better they sell!
  9. Place shoes in a Ziploc bag, put the tag inside and safety pin it to the side of the bag, and secure the top with packing tape.

Other Items

Baby Stuff
  1. For books, puzzles, games, videos, and DVDs, prevent the package from tearing by wrapping items in Cling Wrap or place in a Ziploc bag first before taping your tag to the item.
  2. Place toys with small parts in Ziploc bags, tape shut and then securely tape to the item they go with.
  3. Use clear, see through bags. Ziploc makes super size bags now that are very easy to use.

Other Important Tagging Information

  1. Please make sure that items are tagged securely. Remember-we are not responsible for unsold goods due to lost tags.
  2. Neither Lil'Lambs Closet nor Centenary UMC will be responsible for losses or damages.
  3. All prices need to be in $1 increments only (for example: $1 or $2, but not $1.50)
  4. Price competitively-would you pay that amount for the item? A good rule of thumb is 1/3 of the new price for best condition, 1/4 of the new price for fair condition.
  5. Saturday is 50% Reduction Day. You can choose if you want your items reduced. We strongly advise that you exercise this option-it's better to take home a larger check than a stack of unsold items!
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