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Be A Seller

Thank you being interested in becoming a seller. We would not have a sale without you! We would love for everyone be a part of our sale, but due to space restrictions, we can only accept a limited number. We keep trying to make positive changes each sale to increase our seller numbers. Please be patient with us as we try to do this. Please read below how to become a seller. PLEASE email us and ask any questions that you may have prior to registration. We want you to feel welcome and we need the sale to be uniform with so many sellers. We realize there is a lot of information on our website. We would love to answer any questions that you may have.

We have an on-line Seller Registration date for each sale. It is usually about 6 weeks before the sale to allow you time to get your items together. It is time consuming, but very worth it when you receive your check. We post our Seller Registration dates several places. We post the Seller Registration date on the Home page of our website and on our Facebook page. Please register on our Mailing List and Facebook page to receive updates.

On Seller Registration day, please be ready promptly at 9 am. Seller numbers go very quickly! There is a 15 minute time-out on the system we use. Please do not try to get on the system before 8:45 am. This could affect your chances of getting a seller number. At 9 am, we will turn the sale on. You will begin the registration process by clicking on the Seller Reg. Steps button on the Main Menu and following the steps.

If you are a NEW SELLER, we will need your name, address, phone, cell, a password, and email address. It will also ask "How you heard about us". After receiving a seller number, it is your responsibility to remember your seller number and password for each sale. You will receive an email with your seller number. Please put this in a safe place. You can begin by following the steps on the Seller Registration Steps button on the Main Menu. You will need to choose a Drop Off appointment and work shift. It is also your responsibility to update any changes to your personal account, so that we can stay in touch with you. We do all of our contacting through email. If for some reason, you do not show up to get your check and left over items, we will have to donate your items, but will be happy to mail your check.

If you are a RETURNING SELLER, you will still need to register. Your seller number is yours to use each sale until you choose to no longer sell with us. You will need to "activate" your number each sale. You click on Returning Seller. Enter your seller number and password. It is your responsibility to remember your seller number and password for each sale. Please put this in a safe place. After activating your seller number, please follow the other steps to get your Drop Off time and Work shift. Please remember that we need you to update any changes to your personal information. We need to be able to get in contact with you.

If for some reason, you do not receive a seller number, email IMMEDIATELY to the Contact Us address on our website. We compile the emails in the order that we receive them. We often are able to give out a few additional seller numbers on the registration day. Don't wait! The list fills up quickly. If you are on our Waiting List, you are welcome to check in as often as you like. We will contact you when there is movement on the list. To be honest, most of the movement occurs within the two (2) weeks before the sale. Please contact us to see where you are at that point, you may want to go ahead and be preparing your items. We never know what will happen because it changes each sale.

Please remember ONE seller number per household. If you wish to work a 3 hour shift, we will deduct a $5 fee from your check. If you do NOT wish to work a shift, we will deduct a $25 fee from your check. Please check the website during the sale for your pick up time on Saturday. Please only come at your appointed time. We usually are running on time or a few minutes late. We literally start printing checks when the sale closes. It takes some time to do this.

Thanks for being a part of our sale! We are so excited to have you! Again, PLEASE email with any questions. There is a lot of information, especially for you new sellers.

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