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Seller Information

The information below and on the following pages is very important. We have made a lot of changes. You will need to follow the instructions carefully. You may be asked to step aside and correct any mistakes during your Drop Off time. We are constantly trying to find ways to better our sale. Thank you for your understanding and support.
  1. We have added a mandatory Seller Checklist to help you through all the steps of being a seller. You will need to print this, check off the items as you complete them, sign, date, and bring with you to your Drop Off time. The Seller Checklist is available in two formats:

  2. A registration fee of $5 is required to offset expenses of the sale. Sellers may work a shift and pay the $5 registration fee, OR may choose NOT to work a shift and pay a $25 fee. The appropriate amount will automatically be taken out of your check. Make sure that you sign in for your work shift to receive credit for working. See the Worker page for work shift dates and times. Sellers not working will be permitted to shop early Thursday night from 7-9 pm.

  3. Seller getting ready to unload!Sellers must have a minimum of 75 items and a maximum of 150 items.

  4. We strongly recommend that sellers use the option to reduce some (or all) of their items to HALF off if they haven't sold by our last day. It can only increase your check and reduce the number of items you take home after the sale!

  5. Please remember that the success of the sale depends on having items to sell. If you are unable to use your seller number, PLEASE Contact Us. This will allow someone on the waiting list to participate as a seller.

  6. Please drive all large items around to The Foundry doors. We will have a check-in station set up and workers to assist you.

  7. We have Target carts to help you unload items at Drop-Off. We try to keep them in the parking lot. If there aren't any, please feel free to come and get some.

  8. One seller number per household.

  9. Furniture, large outdoor play structures, etc., are HUGE money makers for you. They sell really well!

  10. Please be objective about your items ... would you buy it? Would you pay that? Don't price your items too high or you may be taking them home with you!

  11. If you are donating your unsold items, please bring a self addressed stamped envelope to Drop Off and we will mail your check Monday morning.

  12. If you are sending someone else to pick up your unsold items and check, you will need to bring a filled-out copy of the "Seller's Alternate Pickup Form" with you to your Drop Off. Please tell your pick up person to bring their ID.

  13. Sellers are responsible for set up of all furniture, beds, toddler beds, etc.

  14. Check Pick Up Times will be on Saturday and will be by seller number as listed below.
    Saturday Pick Up Times (Fall 2017)
    Seller Numbers Seller Numbers
    1 - 40 3:00pm 421 - 670 4:15pm
    41 - 100 3:15pm 671 - 870 4:30pm
    101 - 200 3:30pm 871 - 1000 4:45pm
    201 - 300 3:45pm 1001 + 5:00pm
    301 - 420 4:00pm

    Checks will not be given out earlier than assigned times.

    ID must be presented at time of Pick Up. If someone else will be picking up your check and/or unsold items.

    At 5:15pm on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, all remaining items will be donated. Your check will be mailed to the address on file and a $10 mailing charge will be deducted from your check the next time you sell.

Please read website instructions carefully ... Lil' Lambs Closet is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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