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About Us

Lil'Lambs Closet is a committee of 30 moms who are active members of Centenary Church. Fourteen years ago, a founding member of this group came upon the sale mode at a church in Atlanta, Georgia. The goal for this sale of children's items is special: The church wants to provide an opportunity for young mothers to purchase high quality, used kids' items and/or allow moms to earn a fair amount back for items they sell.

Sellers who participate in consigning their items will receive the majority of the item sale price and can re-invest in their children's seasonal clothing or keep the additional income. (70%) The church takes the portion of the sales price they retain from the sale to contribute to charities/ministries related to young mothers and children (30%).

And so began the creation of our own children's consignment sale. Each committee member must be a member of Centenary and often there is a waiting list to rotate onto this special group of young women. Every committee member places the highest value on the privilege we have of being a mother. Each sale we prayerfully consider how we may best assist women and children with the resources that we receive from these sales. The Lil'Lambs Closet is open each Spring and Fall so that parents may shop for seasonal items. Lil'Lambs Closet now contributes more than $70,000 each year to local and global childrens' causes and ministries. Can we just pause and say "PRAISE GOD"!

Some of the ways we contribute: providing resources within our church programs for infants through youth age, donating towards cleft palate surgeries of children in orphanages in China, helping unwed mothers, assisting children who come to the U.S. specifically for life-altering surgery, providing resources for displaced mothers (from their homes), purchasing soy milk for children in Africa who have inadequate nourishment, clothes & backpacks for kids around the world who otherwise would receive no education. The list is too long to complete...

Each committee member of Lil'Lambs is dedicated to the gift and preservation of becoming a mother. Within our church family we offer assistance through a Baby Fund to those parents who seek infertility treatment as well as choose to grow their families through adoption. If you are interested in donating directly to Lil'Lambs Closet, we gratefully appreciate the opening of your heart to our special ministry. You may make donations in the name of LIL'LAMBS CLOSET and mail them to:

Centenary United Methodist Church